24 April 18

EZ Roller™ Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Avoid Bag Drag And Effortlessly Roll Your Christmas Tree Into Storage.

Easy Rolling Without The Bag Drag

The Best Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Duffel

When the holidays are over, you'll no longer have to dread taking down the Christmas tree and decorations. Storing artificial trees can be a hassle and is often done improperly, leading to your tree having a short lifespan. Where other bags drag the end of the bag as you roll it into storage, our EZ Roller™ offers extra clearance to prevent bag drag. Holiday tree storage is easier than ever - load the tree, zip it up and roll it away into storage.

Santa's Bags EZ Roller™ Tree Storage Bag
Wheel Icon

Oversized Wheels

Rolls into storage EZ

Compress Icon

Compress & Protect

Inner Compression Straps


U-Shaped Zipper

Easy Loading & Unloading

Stop The Bag Drag

No Bag Drag Design

The last thing you want is to replace your storage bag every year. Traditional artificial tree stroage bags get dirty and damaged from dragging along the ground as they're moved. The EZ Roller™ offers a sleek, functional design that lifts and supports the bag in all the crucial areas, giving you the clearance needed to roll the bag drag-free.

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Will My Tree Fit?

Fits The Most Common Christmas Tree Sizes

The EZ Roller™ Tree Storage Bag fits most Christmas trees up to 9ft. tall. Have a larger tree? Not to worry, check out our other products that fit larger trees.

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Santa's Bags EZ Roller™ Tree Storage Bag being picked up and rolled
Santa's Bags EZ Roller™ Tree Storage Bag oversized wheels close up

Oversized Wheels Move Your Tree Effortlessly

Move And Store Your Tree With Ease

The EZ Roller™ features two durable, oversized wheels that spin freely, supporting heavier, full-sized trees all to help you move in and out of storage effortlessly.

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Secure and Compress

Inner Compression Straps Secure & Protect Your Tree

The EZ Roller™ features three durable compression straps that allow you to sinch up your tree tightly in place, preventing the tree from moving or sagging while being stored until next Christmas. Rest easy knowing that your tree will be protected all year long from dust and dirt.

Santa's Bags EZ Roller™ Tree Storage Bag Compression staps Being Buckled

Tech Specs

Someties storage bags can be complicated; Let us help you get to know your bag better.

  • Fits Up To 9' Tall Trees

    Conveniently stores the most common Christmas tree sizes.

  • Bag Dimensions

    Dimensions: 56" × 25" × 22.5"

  • 300 D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust.

  • Santa's Bag Red

    Santa's Bags products are an iconic festive red color.

  • Oversized Wheels

    Axle and wheels elevate your storage bag for easy rolling and storage.

  • ID Tag Holder

    Remember what you stored on a convenient 4" × 6" Card.

  • U-Shaped Zipper

    Makes loading and unloading your Christmas tree easy.

  • Patent-Pending

    This product's design or utility is currently patent-pending.

  • For Indoor Use

    Keep your bag for years, only use indoors.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.