Upright Storage Bag Usage and Troubleshooting Guide

Managing those large trees can be difficult. They’re bulky, large and often heavy. Here’s some tips for using our Upright storage bag solutions.

Upright Storage Bag Usage and Troubleshooting Guide | Santas Bags

1. How Does an upright Tree Bag Work?

Attach the bag in “skirt” form to your tree stand. You can also purchase our own rolling tree stand.

Install your tree.

When it’s time to put your tree away, open the bottom skirt to access the storage bag.

The top of the storage bag is shaped like a funnel. Using two or more people, pull the bag up to compress your tree for storage.

The bag pushes up on the hinged branches and compresses them into a vertical position. Sometimes the bottom branches are the hardest to get started because they’re the largest.

2. What type of tree stand will work?

Easily Strap onto our Rolling Stand

Or mount it onto your existing tree stand.

3. How Many people are needed to pull up and take down the bag?

You must use at least 2 people to pull up the bag and compress your tree. The bag is essentially pulling up all the branches around your tree and compressing them. Depending on the diameter of your tree, this process might require some force to pull up and compress.

4. Tips for Set up and Take Down

Make sure your tree stand is securely tightened to your tree pole so it doesn’t get pulled out when storing the tree.

It’s a big job to compress a tree into 1/3 of it’s diameter. If you follow these tips, the bag can help do most of the work for you.

Always Use 2 People

Make sure that all of the buckles, zippers and straps on both sides are undone.

Start by pulling up on one side first, then work your way around to the other side.

Apply pressure to the stand to keep it stable when pulling up.

Make sure the bag is not twisted when pulling up. Untwist and continue to pull up.

When it’s time to decompress and set up the tree for the holidays, there’s a few tips that will make it easier:

Let the skirt hang down as far as it can.

Make sure all the Buckles, Zippers and straps are opened.

Reach your hand inside the bag and press the branch tips inward and tug down the bag to free it from the branches. Repeat this step and work your way around the tree.

Upright Tree Bag Set up Video

Upright Tree Bag Take Down Video