Direct Suspend™ Wreath Storage Bag


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SKU: SB-10154-RS

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  • Fits 30" or 36" artificial wreaths
  • Direct Suspend™ System attaches to the wreath's frame, preventing sagging and deformation of the wreath
  • Large wrap around zipper
  • Padded carrying handle
  • Made of durable, wipe clean Polyester

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Wreaths lose their glamour from their storage conditions, not from their time in use. Without the proper storage, you will take your wreath out of storage only to find the wreath has been flattened and several pine needles have fallen off. No amount of fluffing can restore the wreath's original luster.

The Direct Suspended storage bag eliminates the danger of storing your beautiful wreaths. Your small and large wreaths, 30-inch or 36-inch, are safe from being smashed as the Direct Suspend system attaches to the frame of the wreath inside the bag. This means the wreath is hanging up in storage like it would be in use, keeping it from sagging to the bottom of the bag and becoming disfigured. To keep your wreath safe through the seasons the storage bag is made of durable Polyester fabric that is easy to wipe clean. This wreath storage bag makes it easy to slide your wreath in and out of the bag because of its large wrap-around zipper. Keep your wreath suspended, happy, and vibrant through the years by using this proper wreath storage solution, saving you from buying replacement wreaths shortly after purchasing.