EZ Roller Wrapping Paper Storage Bag


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SKU: SB-40020-RS

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  • Stores up to twelve 40 in. wrapping paper rolls
  • Extra Side Pocket to store ribbon, scissors, tape, and more
  • Easily rolls around on large durable wheels
  • Sturdy reinforced carrying handles
  • Durable, Wipe-Clean Polyester Fabric
  • Clear windows for easy visibility of contents
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer's defects


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Wrapping paper rolls are difficult to keep organized and protected while storing. You'll need something that keeps the rolls of wrapping paper visible so you can see what's left, but it must be protective as well as easy to move from place to place. The optimum storage strategy for wrapping paper is to keep it in a well-managed gift wrap container with wheels. That's where EZ Roller Wrapping Paper Storage Bag comes in! Holding up to 12 rolls of (40" tall) wrapping paper, this storage bin has an extra side pocket for all your gift wrap accessories, including tape, scissors, and ribbons, and more. The bag features clear windows so you can easily see what kind of gift wrap you have left without needing to pull out each roll. The bag has large wheels to make transporting your wrapping materials as simple as possible - simply pull or push the bag with one hand!