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  • Stores 75' - 150' per spool (depending on type of wire)
  • Up to 150ft. of mini light strands per spool
  • Up to 75ft. of traditional Christmas light wire per spool
  • Up to 150ft. of extension cords per spool
  • Comes with 3 large storage spools
  • Included hook holds reel on rain gutter or ladder
  • Reinforced carrying handles


Customer Service

Install N Store Light Storage Reel

Tangle-Free Storage And Easy Installation

Tangled Christmas lights have undoubtedly caused you hours of frustration, as they do with millions of others each year. What’s worse is the money wasted to replace damaged bulbs and / or wire when you eventually untangle them. Prevent this by reeling in your lights with the Install N Store Christmas Light Storage Reel.

Available in 3-reel packs, this light storage solution is contained within a single, easy to move bag. To make your life even better, the reels feature a hook that attaches to ledges such as rain gutters or ladders to help you move your lights easily while installing or taking down your lights.

Install N Store Light storage
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Stay Organized

Tangle-free lights & cords

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Time Saving

Installs and Stores

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Heavy-Duty Material

Lasts from year to year

Install N Store Light storage reel hanging on rain gutter during Christmas light installation

Hang, Spin, Decorate

Unraveling your lights straight from the roof

Save hours of time installing and taking down your Christmas light decorations. The Install N Store light reel features a hook attachment that allows you to hang it on the side of the rain gutter or ladder. Once attached, the reel free-spins from the hook so you can simply pull the wire to spin the spool, making decorating your roofline easier than ever.

Huge Storage Capacity

So Many Lights, So Little Time

The install and store comes with 3 high quality plastic spools and a high-quality, polyester storage bag that contains all three reels. Each spool holds anywhere from 75 ft. - 150 ft. of wire depending on what size of Christmas light bulb are used.

Install N Store Light storage reel full of different types of Christmas lights and extension cords.

What's Included?

Everything Needed To Easily Install And Store Your Christmas Lighting

A simple way to store Christmas lights and an even more simple way to decorate your roofline. Fixing the issue of “How to not tangle Christmas lights”, the Install N Store™ comes with three reels that can store up to 150’ of wire, each. The included hook is easily attached to the reel, and hung from your gutter to slide along as you unravel Christmas Lights right from your roofline. Organize the three fully loaded spools in a festive-red, polyester storage bag that protects your lights, extension cords, and wired sockets from dust, damage and little critters.

Install N Store Light storage reels

3 × XL Reels

Each reel stores up to 150ft. of Christmas lights or extension cords.

Install N Store Light storage reel hook

1 × Spinning Hook

A durable plastic hook that supports up to 10 lbs of lights, wire, or extension cords.

Install N Store Light storage bag

1 × Storage Bag

Made of hight-quality polyester that has enough space to contain three full reels.

Tech Specs

All there is to know about the Install N Store Christmas Light Storage System

  • Product Dimensions

    Storage Bag: 13" × 13" × 15"

    Individual Reel: 13" × 13" × 5"

  • 600 D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust.

  • Santa's Bags Red

    Santa's Bags iconic and festive red.

  • 75' of Bulbs & Wire

    Each reel holds up to 75 ft. of classic C7 bulbs and holiday wire.

  • 150' of Mini Lights

    Each reel holds up to six, 100-tip mini light strands.

  • 150' of Extension Cords

    Each reel holds up to 150 ft. of 16 AWG extension cords.

  • Patent-Pending

    This products design or utility is currently patent-pending

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Use it where and how you need it. Store Indoors.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our products with a one-year warranty.